David directing Weird Al. 

David directing Weird Al. 

If you're reading this then that probably means one of three things has happened:

  1. You saw one of my videos, enjoyed it and wanted to know more.
  2. I met you in person and told you to come here.
  3. You are really bad at searching for internet pornography.

Regardless of how you got here, I'm glad you made it. So here's a little bit about me:

I'm a filmmaker and commercial director from Austin, Texas specializing in absurd comedy viral videos. My work has been featured on Rolling Stone, NFL.com, Sports Illustrated, LA Times, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning, Yahoo! News, AdAge, Vimeo Staff Picks and more. I've directed/edited content for Nike, Bicycle Playing Cards, Grande Communications, Rooster Teeth, Above Average and many others. I'm also one of the creatives behind HUMORdy and a part owner of Ralph Smyth Entertainment. Most importantly, my father recently stopped asking me when I was going to get a real job.

So I think that's enough info for internet strangers. If you want to know more or need help making a funny video, please contact me. I'm always looking for new opportunities. Thanks for stopping by!